Superfly sencha organic


Sencha is a green tea found in Japan. It has amazing health benefits and contributes to 80% of the tea produced in Japan. The colour of this tea is greenish golden and is bitterly sweet in taste. It has a soft smell which freshens up one’s mood. Sencha is produced from the leaves and buds of the tea plant. It is not processed so it retains its basic nutrients, adding more flavors to the tea.
Flavour: exotic, fresh passionfruit with kiwi
Contains: green tea* (89%), natural flavouring, marigold blossoms*, cornflower blossoms
*From organic cultivation
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70 – 80ºC.


2–4 min.


2g cup.

What Is Superfly Sencha?

Superfly sencha organic is one of the most recognized green tea produced in Japan. It is commonly used due to its amazing quality. Each of the materials used in the production of this tea are keenly checked to enhance its taste. Fruits and petals are added to it.It contains marigold blossoms and cornflower blossoms. 89% of the original green tea is taken in its production which mean it requires minimal processing. The flavor added is natural, not enhanced by preservatives. Kiwi along with a fresh passionfruit is required to give an alluring flavor to the tea. This tea is highly organic.

How Is Superfly Sencha Produced And Consumed?

Superfly Sencha is a green tea that is made in direct exposure of sunlight. The upper shoots leaves are taken rather than the lower shoots due to the better quality of the upper shoots. The leaves are then steamed after getting them picked, to prevent oxidation. It is hence one of the most important steps. After this step, the leaves are dried and rolled. Juices are then released which aggravates its taste even more. Next comes brewing of Sencha which is not known by most of the people. What you need to take is a Japanese teapot. But it should be made sure that the teapot is not directly exposed to the flames. Water should be heated inside the kettle just before it reaches 100 degrees. And then it should be poured into cups. Add sencha to the teapot according to the number of cups of tea you want to make. One teaspoon of sencha is required per cup and next you have to dois pour water from cupsinto the teapot. Sencha should be brewed between 70 to 80 degrees. Now pour the tea into each cup and it is ready to be served.

Benefits of Superfly Sencha Organic

There are numerous benefits of a Sencha tea. It fights cancer. It is due to the anti-oxidants present in it. Other than this, it is good for stimulating metabolism. It burns a lot of fat in our body. Also, it is a great source of energy and helps boosting it. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It lowers the blood pressure preventing heart diseases. Also, it stimulates our brain functioning and helps you to focus more. Cholesterol is too reduced and is provides wide range of benefits to our skin. Apart from this, it supports our immune system as well.


The utmost benefits which the Superfly Sencha tea offers can not be undermined. It is very healthy and its organic nature makes it one of the most popular green teas in Japan. Its soothing aroma and flavor is a treat to have.
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