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Oolong tea or oolong tea, or as it is called oolong, is one of the most popular teas in China. He gained his fame due to his wonderful aroma and unique taste, as well as this particular type of tea was used in the Chinese tea ceremony.

What is this tea different from others? It is usually called turquoise – this name comes from the fact that oolong tea can not be attributed to either red or green varieties. It stands in the middle and approaches one or the other, depending on the degree of its processing or fermentation. So, everything from the very beginning. To make oolong tea, use the leaves of an alpine tea tree or shrub. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the processing process does not completely destroy the sheet structure, but affects only its edges. Thus, the leaf in the center retains its structure, as well as a high degree of fermentation (from 20% to 60%). About the appearance of this type goes a lot of legends. Even the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom themselves can not exactly answer how and when this species was invented. Some tell the legend of the Dragon Hunter, who was so enthusiastic about hunting, that he forgot about his tea in his bag and he dried up around the edges, when the Dragon tasted this tea, he was amazed by the aroma and taste that he decided to call it in his honor “Black Dragon” .